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QuickBooks Checks & Supplies Designed Specifically for QuickBooks

Three Voucher Check Styles to Choose From

Basic Voucher Checks

Providing a basic level of protection against fraud.

Available in the following colors:

Secure Plus Voucher Checks

Adding an additional 27 features to prevent check fraud

Secure Premier Voucher Checks

Includes all security features in Secure Plus Checks, along with a hologram to prevent counterfeiting.

Both Secure Plus and Secure Premier are available in the following colors:

Basic Voucher Checks

This is ideal for payroll and accounts payable – includes one check and two pay stubs. One stub for your employee or vendor and one for your files.

Easy to track payroll deductions and invoice payment details. Making it easy to save detailed records for those companies that require strict record retention.

Secure Plus Voucher Checks

The most popular voucher check with our exclusive tamper-resistant security coating. Produces a visible stain if the addressee or payment amount is tampered with!

23 additional security features to help you protect against fraud.

  • Chemically Reactive Paper
  • Controlled Check Paper Stock
  • Colored Background
  • Tamper Resistant Toner Area
  • Toner Adhesion
  •  Invisible Florescent Fibers (front)
  • Warning Band 
  • Intuit CheckLock Border
  • Thermochromatic Heat Sensitive Icon
  • Prismatic Multic-colored Background
  • CheckLock Custom True Watermark
  • Microprinting (front)
  • Paper/ UV Detail
  • CheckLock Custom Pantograph
  • Erasure Evident
  • Microprinting (back)
  • Padlock Icon
  • Warning Box
  • Invisible Florescent Fibers (Back)
  • Original Document Security Screen
  • Fraud Sensitive Ink
  • Void Indication
  • Security Weave

Secure Premier Voucher Checks

Includes all of the features of Basic and Plus with our security hologram embedded in the check makes for fast and easy verification and counterfeiting is nearly impossible. That’s a total of 29 features to keep your business secure!

Additional Supplies Available

  • Envelopes for voucher checks
  • Deposit Slips
  • Endorsement Stamps
  • Signature Stamps
  • Security Pens

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